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Calmly intuitive
August 19, 2013

Olivia Fane plays at Fortune Telling almost as a party piece and so knows all the official stuff – lines on your hand, star signs and the rest. She says that she does not believe a word of it - yet knows that when she is calm and observing and listening to her unconscious, she “knows” a lot about anybody, even if they are a stranger.

That unconsciously we can all process an enormous amount of information off that stranger - their clothes, their walk, their way of speaking and their manner. And we process this through our unconscious pattern matching of past experiences with strangers and friends alike.

Olivia understand that she needs to be calm and relaxed to be able to do this

And of course she is right. She is after all just taking a leaf out of the Human Givens rulebook for emotional health. So she must right. Right?

Further inspired by Olivia Fane’s “the conversation no 4” – on fortune-telling

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