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Shame and Offence are umbilically linked?
May 19, 2014

I talked of shame in a recent posting on 5th May review here.

It certainly was a revelation for me to realise that to live with shame can have a special quality, which can and for some indeed does strike at the very heart of their existence.

Shame arises from within fundamentally but this insight is of no help to many living with it. Further and in order to live with it, the shame has to be directed outwards. It has to be directed towards a group who can legitimately be said to have caused the shame. Might this be why taking offence has now taken such a ubiquitous and perverse place in our lives? That taking offence has become the ultimate crime against us and one for which only we have the legitimacy to arbitrate?

You could even say that to feel shame is the ultimate offence imaginable.

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