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getting younger and getting scared
August 20, 2012

The more you think about, the more interesting it is – that as a species and therefore as a society, we may be becoming more infantalised. It makes sense and there is much to be said for it. We can live together is larger and larger groups and there is a certain creativity, flexibility and energy that we can all recognise in society today and reflect upon as having evolved and developed, over say the last century.

We know that children are open and innocent and that their brains are plastic and evolving fast as they learn and absorb and process a vaster range of experiences than we adults.. We also know that children have less control of their emotions and so besides responding immediately to joy and fun and pleasure, will be more fearful and anxious if the environment darkens.

I also know, from my professional work, that you can often find the source of unhelpful behaviour and emotions in adulthood, from patterns laid down in childhood, which are in effect coping responses to a childhood that is not working well in some way.

And children are not able to take much responsibility. They need to be protected and kept safe so that they can grow and learn and indeed begin to take responsibility, only at a pace that they are able,

Children can therefore be manipulated by simple minded emotional arguments – of fear and protection – that don’t bear to close examination.

Sounds familiar?

best wishes

Andrew Richardson
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