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Running a Fine Line
September 21, 2015

It is so easy for us to see life as linear. This world is two dimensional – there is either more or less of it, stretching out in a straight line in front of us – to the left and to the right of us.

But of course the world is not like that at all. And deep down we know it.

Often it is circle – that two apparent opposites will actually bend back to touch themselves. So is there a big difference between communism and fascism? I don’t thinks so.

And how about these opposites – stupidity and intelligence? When do they bend back on themselves and touch? Perhaps it is only the apparently stupid who can be really creative and insightful. And how often do we see apparently intelligent individuals, working for apparently prestigious institutions behaving so stupidly?

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by Sophia Yasmeen

    Being ordinary has a different meaning to different people. We are shaped by our cultural contexts from day one. It is from the moment we are born, bombarded with notions as being better, being unique, striving to achieve something greater, surpassing yourself, trying to be someone who is other than you. Then doesn’t that say more about our culture than about our own individual abilities to pursue happiness?

    What happened to being just who we are? How many of us taught this? We are constantly attracting people, situations who will tell us otherwise. They may say that it’s not ok to be average; if you are not working towards having a better situation that is of course based on whatever their idea of “better situation” is, then it is just something that people would say for feeling better who cannot achieve their goals; even if you are happy they will say you are delusional and only fooling yourself. When discussing a topic like this it naturally propels our instinct to make an attempt to revisit the good old question, what the purpose of life? Why are we here? To some life is defined through their religion, some feels life is most meaningful when they are on the track of financial success, A nice house, a car that reflects their status, to some life is all about raising children and making a home that is full of love and remain immortal in the care of their future generation. One thing I realized that a human being is more fearful of having an ordinary life than being ordinary. Everyone is striving to achieve something bigger and better to have an extraordinary life. But we forget that the genesis of this extra ordinariness comes from a very ordinary state. All the famous people on this earth at some point were ordinary, and there is nothing wrong with not wanting more, nothing wrong with being happy with having an average life, with an average income and living in an average neighborhood. There is a deep and continuous ecstasy in desirelessness.

    If we allow our mind to move only inwards instead of outward, we can create permanent peace and balance in our everyday life. The moment we think that we are extraordinary our ordinary surroundings do not feel worthy anymore. The feeling of self unworthiness creates an intense lacking that can last for a lifetime. Mediation in daily life can remove this inner turbulence and replace it with peace, love and harmony. It helps us to become more accepting, being sincere and respectful to everything what constitutes the experiences of an average or ordinary life.

    In my eyes he who lives an ordinary life and feels content is the most extraordinary person, and he who is dissatisfied and believes that he is extraordinary and constantly chasing for something that he thinks will bring him temporary happiness is the most ordinary people.

    Our purpose should be to create a society where ordinary people can be happy doing ordinary things and flourish. This way we can have a richer, fuller, less harmful and more satisfying society.

Sophia is a beautiful writer and I am happily sharing her work in my Feelbetter Newsletter.

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