To continue. Yes that’s right no therapy model is any better than any other. That is what I reported last week. Which means that maybe a lot of what we automatically think is true may not be.

For example. Though we may accept that some brain surgeons will be better than others, we will instinctively assume that if the not so good surgeons go on a course in order to learn real actual things that they might not know, like how best to wield a scalpel and that these same deficient brain surgeons also practice their surgical techniques, then they will get better.

But that might not be the case.

For, let me let you into another secret of this research. It is that though no particular model of counselling is any better than any other, some counsellors are better than others (regardless of the therapy model they say that they subscribe to).

Moreover what seems to make better therapists are pretty soft things that are hard to get your head around. Like the belief and commitment that the therapist has in what he or she does. This will then invite the patient to make a contribution herself perhaps.

Because if the patient has faith and belief in the therapist, however apparently wacky her or his ideas are, then she will be able to activate her own healing capacities, unconsciously probably.

The focus here has been on healers and clinicians. But might these insights have meaning for other things? And if so, I wonder what that might tell us.

More anon.

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