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Reverting to type and being social
April 22, 2013

I aberrated last week (is that a verb?) with Maggie which I know surprised a number of you as this newsletter is not obviously political. My feedback is, incidentally that this may have perhaps delighted and dismayed in equal measure. And though this newsletter is not political, I do definitely find that having some control of our lives and emotions and hence being able to take responsibility for our actions is at the heart of emotional health – and this is I guess more a right wing than left wing way of looking at things, I am reverting back.

So now, number eleven of the twelve warning signs of Emotional Health.

  1. Persistent presence of support networks
  2. Chronic positive expectations; tendency to frame events in a constructive light
  3. Episodic peak experiences
  4. Sense of spiritual involvement
  5. Increased sensitivity to others and self
  6. Tendency to adapt to changing circumstances
  7. Rapid response and recovery of adrenaline system due to repeated challenges
  8. Increased appetite for physical activity
  9. Tendency to identify and communicate feelings
  10. Repeated episodes of gratitude, generosity or related emotions
  11. Compulsion to contribute to society

The instinct to connect to our group or community and to find fulfillment in making a contribution is basic to being human – of that there is no doubt. So when we have spare capacity, we will use that to spread our wings. And the more spare capacity we have, which means being more in control of our lives and our emotions, then the more we will be sensitive to our connection to our society – however we may see that and however we may discharge that.

best wishes

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