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Righteously arrogant and abusively humble
April 22, 2014

Arrogance and humility – the first is certainly understood as a personality deficiency while the latter would typically be accepted as a virtue. But of course it need not be so.

What if the arrogance was justified by being a realistic personal evaluation of a talent or gift? In that case, it could be that this arrogance would be used to maximize that talent, which in turn will give meaning and further be a worthwhile contribution to a wider society. I have known clients who needed to cultivate such arrogance.

And what if the humility was in fact a front? That humility reflected its opposite – namely a pride in believing that he/she did not need the help of others but only required to give. This is the insight of the Type 2 Enneagram – the helper whose hidden sin is pride and whose humility is false.

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