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Unintended Consequences
June 22, 2015

Is this phrase familiar to you? It will be if you take an interest in public policy because policies are littered with them. It is never enough just to see a problem and come up with an administrative solution – involving new laws, new regulations, new targets and new oversight – as unintended consequences will happen.

In fact how could they not as we are all of us incapable of seeing all of the consequences of anything we do. For the future is never some static and fixed time in the future but a dynamic process – that spreads out over time and is always a great confluence of barely imaginable and certainly unpredictable forces.

All of us in our daily lives must keep that dynamic in mind and embrace the unpredictable and unintended.

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Andrew Richardson

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by Sophia Yasmeen

    When we influence someone positively... the energy flows in a relaxed way with harmony and is not threatening, respecting each one for their specialty and allowing each one to be as they are. To be able to influence positively we need the power of discrimination and judgement in relation to what to say and what to do e.g. when we believe that the other person is the problem; generally the problem is not what others say or do, but rather how we perceive them. The way that we judge is what creates our negative feelings about them. We have the choice to perceive others either as a threat or as a problem, or as an opportunity; an opportunity for learning, for change, for dialogue and understanding. We can choose to have compassion (kindness) and to feel that the other is a problem indicates a lack of compassion.

Sophia is a beautiful writer and I am happily sharing her work in my Feelbetter Newsletter.

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