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Trading off Emotions and Needs
February 23, 2015

I introduced you to my Feeling Better Spectrum last week. There is a new page on my Feeling Better website which explains the thinking behind it, as best I can. You will find it here Feeling Better Spectrum

This week I want to introduce you to my Trade off diagram. In a previous life I was a professional economist and these kinds of diagrams were ten a penny. So forgive me for using it here – but it makes such a lot of sense that I could not resist.


This diagram captures the essence of the Organising Idea of Human Givens – that healthy lives flow from using ones resources well in the service of creating a life that works – which in HG speak means getting essential emotional needs met.

This explains why most of us will be somewhere along the spectrum that travels from SW to NE. And that the NW and SE corners will be empty of people - as you cannot have your resources working well without living a life that works or similarly can you cannot be struggling with resources and be living a life that happens to be working.

And resources for most of us for most of the time means our emotional resources – it’s that simple. What do think?

best wishes

Andrew Richardson

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