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Life as a Double Bind
June 23, 2014

We are taught trance language on our Human Givens training and I loved it and put a lot of effort into learning it. Embedded suggestions, presuppositions, contingent suggestions and my favourite double binds – these are just the main types. Go to the trance page of my website for more on all of this.

But what about double binds – what are these? Well, they are an apparent choice but not a real one. A classic double bind is “would you like tea or coffee?” – the point being that you are having a drink. A classic piece of double bind trance language might be to say “I don’t know if you wish to be deeply relaxed or just comfortably so”

And so to the title of this newsletter. If indeed we do have emotional needs that we must get met for our emotional wellbeing – such as for safely, control, social relationships and satisfying work and so on – then this is the greatest double bind of all. Yes we may believe we have freedom to choose but in fact this is only within the constraints of our essential emotional needs.

”Would you like tea or coffee?”

best wishes

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