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Cultivating Humility
May 23, 2016

Not all of my readers may be aware that last Saturday, the Saracens rugby club, based in North London and who only 20 years ago were a park team, became European champions. Their progress has been steady rather than spectacular over these years – but in that time, they have become formidable. They win virtually all its matches by great skill yes, but much more than that, by squeezing the life out of their opponents. It is not just a physical dominance, but a psychological dominance too. So what is their secret? Well here are three.

First, they build a real family at the club There is a crèche for the children of the players and the staff, bonding trips to exotic and not so exotic locations, optional classes in philosophy and wellbeing and much else. And the composition of their squad is stable and changes little. They do not bring in high profile players but instead grow their own and add only sparingly every year.

Second, they evolve. Every year I have noticed (yes you can see that I am a big fan) that they add more strings to their play – which builds on the previous year. Their foundations are solid and patiently prepared. And remember, we are taking of the same players – who collectively and individually are just getting better. Over 2/3rds of the squad is English and in the final last weekend, virtually all the squad had been with the club for five years or more. And even now, the English national team is Saracens heavy and there are perhaps three players who have become close to world class this year – literally before your very eyes.

Third, Saracens cultivate humility. The club owner quoted the story of Icarus last weekend – he who flew too close to the sun in his complacency and arrogance. Icarus experienced hubris – of foolish pride and over confidence.

Saracen’s amazing achievement has lessons for us all. And let’s see if they can stay humble.

by Sophia Yasmeen

    The mind that is cluttered with words is always lost in search either in the sacred scriptures or on the mountains……On the shore of the sea or in the holy places...In the temples or the forests...But it never finds what it seeks, because mind is not stable for it is never free, never empty. To perceive the idea of the creator is not in the capacity of a word. Truth is the realization hidden in the words. Even if there were no words, the creator would be there. Even if there were no words, the realization of happiness and sorrow would certainly be there. We would still sense the cold water. We would still sense the Sun's heat and moon's calmness. We would still sense LOVE. Knowledgeable are those who have perception and experience. To have that perception mind has to be calm and empty. Relieve yourself of the worries from misfortune of the past and the worries of the future. Understand the gap that needs to be bridged during the attack of words in present circumstances. Try to focus on that difference. The reflection of the moon can be seen in only that water body which is calm and still

Sophia is a beautiful writer and I am happily sharing her work in my Feelbetter Newsletter.

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