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On something that is beyond the five senses
June 24, 2013

I remember reading Plato at school – because I was led to understand that the Republic was such a great contribution to human thought and understanding. But I got lost in Plato’s idea that humans could be classified according to their virtue and quality – at their birth as a consequence of their ancestors. It seemed bad and wrong then and it still does and I guess most of us would agree.

But what of other absolute forms – of beauty, goodness and truth? Is all of that rubbish too? Well perhaps not. So I am reprinting from my website, this beautiful story. It will bring tears to most of our eyes because it connects us to something universal and beyond the rational and scientific.

It was going to be a great day. The families and friends of all the race participants would be there, cheering from the stands. And the event was a big one. In fact would you believe it - there were runners and jumpers and throwers who had competed in the Olympic Games that had just finished.

Their race was 100 meters and all the runners in this race were paraplegic. None had ever raced before such a big crowd. And so they trained and trained and trained.

The day arrived and the excitement was intense. The anticipation could be cut with a knife. They all lined up, the starting gun fired and they were off.

Then an amazing thing happened. One of racers tripped up and fell over. The others then slowed down and as one, stopped racing. Then they turned around, went back to the fallen competitor and picked him up.

And they held hands and together walked over the finishing line.

Inspired by Olivia Fane’s “the conversation no 24” – on Plato

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