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Getting expectations right
December 24, 2012

As some readers of this newsletter will know, I am attempting to write a book – which integrates what I think I know of mental health, healing and wellbeing with questions of economics and particularly the economic experience of the UK since the end of WW2. And this as it happens pretty well spans my lifetime.

As a limbering up exercise, I have decided over the next few weeks, to ask and feed some answers to this question: How might one compare and contrast the nation’s wellbeing then and now – after the war and now, four years into a financial and economic crisis that shows no signs of resolution?

Remember this picture - better than a thousand words.


Bond rates are now close to where they were after the war. But then, expectations will have been so different. The war had ended and though there was hope of a land fit for heroes, how optimistic could these expectations have realistically been? While now, the post war social model is becoming unaffordable and those young or soon to be born after the war, are reaching old age, and living standards for the many are in retreat while for a very few, there is wealth and influence on an almost unimaginable scale.

So on just one measure of welfare – that expectations should be realistic and ideally low, the post war generation were blessed. Especially as the next twenty years (to the late 1960s) turned out to be so good.

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