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Sensitivity to others and self
February 25, 2013

For these few months, I am expanding on the twelve warning signs of Emotional Health that I listed in the 21st January newsletter.

These are the first five and today I am looking at number five

  1. Persistent presence of support networks
  2. Chronic positive expectations; tendency to frame events in a constructive light
  3. Episodic peak experiences
  4. Sense of spiritual involvement
  5. Increased sensitivity to others and self

Sensitivity to others and self should not be mutually exclusive. In fact they go together as night and day, black and white and good and bad. This is a very important understanding. In order to take care of yourself properly requires an understanding and sensitivity to your own essential human needs and your emotional resources and signals. And if you are aware of self then of course you will be aware of others. Indeed, how can you really help others if you have no healthy awareness of self?

The Enneagram personality typing system has nine types, one of which is “The helper”. This person believes he/she has no needs and just exists to help others. His/her sin is pride, because of course he/she has needs. And the lesson The Helper must learn is humility. To receive as well as to give.

best wishes

Andrew Richardson
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