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To reframe or not to reframe?
May 27, 2014

I still clearly recall Ivan Tyrell (one of the Human Givens founders) saying on the residential course I attended (more years ago now than I am happy to contemplate) that reframing was at the heart of all good therapy. For to reframe is such a good word – to simply mean “how can you see something differently”. All pictures on the wall can be reframed and rehung and so will look different to you and indeed you are free to walk to a different place in the room and again see the picture differently as a result.

This emphasises another truth – that no place from which to view a picture, however it is framed is the right one. It is just a more or less useful place. And then the question might be – how do you know if it is more or less useful? And the answer is to be intensely practical: how well or otherwise does this place assist in living a life that works, that gets our essential emotional and physical needs met?

And we are only contemplating pictures hanging on a wall. Imagine if we were looking at our work and relationships or questions of safety and control and meaning as they arise in our day to day life?

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