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Mulla understands
January 27, 2014

I have been pointed in the direction of book written in the early 1980s by Robert Ornstein – Multimind, a new way of looking at human behaviour. It seems to me, on a quick reading, that Ornstein was way ahead of his time – in understanding and pointing out the extraordinary capacity we humans have to confuse our judgments and reactions as rational, objective and useful rather than as partial, obscure and self serving.

I will be reading Ornstein carefully and I hope to share some of his insights in future newsletters. In the meantime enjoy this Mulla story quoted in Multimind (from Indries Shah, The Subtleties of the Inimitable Mulla Nasrudin).

Nasrudin went into a bank with a cheque to cash. “Can you identify yourself” asked the clerk. Nasrudin took out a mirror and peered into it. “Yes, that’s me all right” he said.

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