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Virally Feral or is it Ferally Viral
July 27, 2015

Feral and viral are two powerful words. They feel the same and even sound the sound yet on the face of it, have very different meanings. Feral means a creature (including a human) that is living wild and so is untamed. The suggestion is not complimentary as this wildness is not heartfelt and creative. Instead it reflects baser instincts and will lead to behaviours which are crude and aggressive.

Viral has a very modern meaning. Twitter is reinventing its meaning all on its own. Again it is about wildness and uncontrolled wildness that gets out of hand and in so doing can do serious damage – to reputations for sure. And it seems perhaps to how we all make the same judgments, have the same opinions and create the same powerful wave – like a tsunami or swarm of hornets.

I think I prefer feral. It seems to me that feral allows that change is possible and that to be calmer and in control and living a better life is not only possible but is something that all of us can aim for. So we are all a little feral and we can aspire to be less so. But if we find ourselves caught up in a viral swarm of opinion and judgment, we should realise that we must stand aside from it and be very suspicious of it.

best wishes

Andrew Richardson

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Being Responsible
by Sophia Yasmeen

    The one who is responsible changes first before he expects others to change. The one who is responsible is a leader. He would take up the responsibility to change himself first instead of waiting for others to change. With the change that he brings in himself he inspires others to change too. When we think of any situation where we were expecting someone else to change, we also need to think of one aspect in this situation in which we can bring about a change in ourselves. We need to take up the responsibility of changing this and we would find ourselves progressing, thus inspiring others to take the inspiration to change too.

Sophia is a beautiful writer and I am happily sharing her work in my Feelbetter Newsletter.

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