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Good News
October 27, 2014

I came across this article here and want to share it this week. It says this – that the world is becoming a much better place. That on any of a number of measures that one might use, more people are living longer, living healthier, are living freer from oppression and are dying in much lower numbers from starvation, preventable disease, wars and conflict and that poverty is declining rapidly.

Of course this is a view that many of us may well instinctively believe cannot be true as it is human nature to focus on what is wrong and so what perhaps can be improved. I have talked before of the powerful instinct we all have, to be dissatisfied.

It also raises the question: why this is happening. What is it that we are doing that is right rather than what seems so self evidently to be wrong? It means that we can perhaps view the horrors of what is happening in the Middle East through a slightly different lens. And for sure, it can help to insulate us from the those, who through their deep disenchantment with how the world is today, will surely lead us to a much worse place.

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