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Expanding Toleration
December 28, 2015

The attraction of the word toleration is that it can mean so many things - and even more appealing is that the moral value that you might wish to attach to the word is also not clear. So is toleration a good thing to be applauded and encouraged or to be viewed sternly - as rather unfortunate and to be controlled in case of bad consequences.

Where do you stand?

I am definitely at the toleration end of the toleration spectrum. And this applies to our personal lives as well as to the beliefs that we think motivate us. We should always be making more space and giving ourselves more wriggle room and noticing when our instincts take us towards intolerance.

So as the new year approaches, how and where can you tolerate and understand more and even as you do make a move or reach a decision – that you do so while at the same time, keeping your options open.

by Sophia Yasmeen

    When I reflect on my balance..... I find that I have many facets of my life. I have the area reserved in my life for work, an area reserved for my relationships, an area reserved for my spirituality, an area reserved for service and for play and enjoyment. How do I keep a balance of all these aspects of my life? I begin with the first step of balance and I centre myself going inside becoming still. I detach myself from the world of action and busyness and I enter that quiet pure core of 'I the soul.' This centeredness is the seed of my balance. From this place of peace I can clearly sense where I am going. But something else also happens when I experience peace and full of spiritual qualities.... I begin to do things for the right reasons and that is a seed of balance. When I do things for the right reasons I will always stay balanced. When I work from a place of integrity, from a place of care and generosity, my work will never overwhelm me. However, if I work to be approved of others, if I strive to make myself important then that will become the seed behind my actions. I will become tired and un balanced. If I experience my spiritual life to replenish to dive into something deeper, to enter the quiet beautiful presence of I the soul then I will be replenished by that. But if I use my spiritual life as an escape from action, I will lose my balance and spend too much time away from the world. When I use play to refresh and enjoy the people around me to be free like a child,, I will be refreshed by that play. If I used it to get away from responsibility, I will lose my balance. Balance happens when I do things for the right reasons. Getting cantered is the beginning of a balanced life.  

Sophia is a beautiful writer and I am happily sharing her work in my Feelbetter Newsletter.

best wishes

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