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Knowing Ignorance when you see it
May 28, 2013

I am pondering the nature of ignorance this week and will begin with an expression of humility. For are we not all ignorant, delusional and partial in our understanding? That all scientific knowledge is provisional until it is disproved or superseded. And in our hearts do we not appreciate that delusion is an essential part of our survival in the sense that to “know everything” would overwhelm and challenge us to our core? We also know that so many individuals and societies both today and through our history hold to be true what is patently untrue but the holding of these untruths aids their survival and peace. Then there are the deceits peddled in the name of truth when all they do is to justify and support the powerful. And finally I think that we all know that wisdom is at least in part the knowing of how little we do know. That wisdom is a humility born out of the recognition of our ignorance.

But I am not talking of these big questions. I am pondering in some anger and despair something very practical which is the more or less complete ignorance of what causes depression. We are told that depression is an epidemic and if it is, then it is being fed by the ignorance of those who are charged with assisting the depressed.

Yet there is a very simple explanation of what causes a depression. Human Givens understand that it is about the exhaustion of dreaming too much which then induces a vicious circle of decline and despair. Further for those who are depressed - to know that their mental exhaustion can be simply explained is often the first step to recovery.

Which is where my new Depression Help Blog comes in. It is beginning to take shape and perhaps in a couple of months when there is a nice body of posts posted, I will make a serious effort to get it recognised by the many websites and blogs that exist “out there”.

What I know about depression and indeed is known by all HG therapists is hardly rocket science. But I have discovered here that there is more or less complete ignorance out there of what a depression is and how to clear it.

So here is an example of ignorance plain and simple – where nothing that is true is generally known and what is understood to be true is just plain wrong and keeps those who are suffering, stuck in their suffering.

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