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Authentically you
July 29, 2013

I really like this word – authentic. It might be that this reflects my time studying the Enneagram – which is a personality typing system with its origins going way back – perhaps to Sufism. The Enneagram was updated around 30-40 years ago and for some, it offers real insight and the possibility for real growth. The Enneagram starts from the proposition that we are each one of nine types (Enneas from the Greek for nine types).

We are born this type and die this type and by discovering what we are, we then discover something profound about ourselves. Each type has its own journey from where they are now towards enlightenment and wholeness. And that journey is to break through the obstruction of our root sin and weakness – to its enlightened opposite.

I am type three and my root sin is deceit and delusion, principally to myself as I strive to be successful by being and doing whatever seems to be right at the time for applause and appreciation. And my journey takes me to the other side of deceit which is authenticity. To know that to be myself – honestly and without delusion is to be best for all and everyone.

Authenticity means being honest and comfortable with whom you are and of course we are all given to tell ourselves fibs. And maybe that is why so many in public life now, from politicians downwards are held in such low regard. They are self evidently not being honest and real. But might it be that their hypocrisy is reflecting our own delusion and deceit – that we cannot bear to hear them speak the truth?

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For those of you who have followed my 12 signs of emotional health, there is a new page on my website that summarises each of the twelve comments - click here. You can also download the pdf file from that page in the right hand column.

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My new Depression Help Blog

This is a plug for my new Depression Help Blog – which I am finding is (a much overused word this) pretty well unique. Yes there are lots of websites/blogs on depression, but they fall into only two main categories. The first is official and semi official and so is peddling the official line that depression is an illness and basically only one of two – antidepressants and CBT - will help. That and loads of the normal listing of depression tips and with meditation and mindfulness as increasingly fashionable. And then there is the depression support community, which often includes sufferers who get relief and help by writing of their personal experiences.

And then there is me. I am optimistic about how depressions can be lifted (based foursquare on the Human Givens and my personal experience as a therapist) but scathing of the “industry” which I see is feeding this apparent depression epidemic. I get the distinct impression already that my blog is not really what people want to read.

So I need help and friends out there who know that my voice is authentic and valid. Do sign up. I think that you will enjoy what I am writing (up to two posts weekly now).

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