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Privacy and Attention – Opposites attract
June 29, 2015

Regular readers of this newsletter will know I consider both privacy and attention to be very important. In saying this I am doing no more than echoing the teaching of Human Givens. They see privacy and attention as two of our essential emotional human needs (there are nine in all according to Human Givens). I must admit that I don’t see them like that – in my mind, our vital needs for privacy and to give and receive attention are not equivalent to our need for meaningful relationships or satisfying work. They are facilitating needs – closer to money or health in the scheme of things. But of course they are no less important for that.

And they are opposites – that work best as opposing forces that together create a healthy equilibrium. That privacy is the time we are on our own to process what we have discovered and learnt and experienced while the attention we give to who we meet and interact with – is the vital input to the essential processing that we need to do.

best wishes

Andrew Richardson

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Humility brings Learning
by Sophia Yasmeen

    Where there is humility there is willingness to learn. When humility is lacking, ego comes which doesn't let us learn from all situations and people. The power of humility enables us to learn and move forward. When I'm faced with criticism, I need to see what I can learn from it, instead of feeling bad about it. Even things that go wrong have something to teach me, if I am willing to learn. With humility I continue to learn.

Sophia is a beautiful writer and I am happily sharing her work in my Feelbetter Newsletter.

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