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A thin Beam of Light
February 29, 2016

A Thin Beam of Light

Imagine standing on the edge of a field in the middle of a dark moonless night. You can see nothing – nothing at all. And then a thin beam of light shines out weakly from where you are standing. And you make out a few objects in front of you – a tree perhaps, and small part of a hedge and a fence but then very little beyond that as the beam is so weak. There is still so much darkness around and you can see so little.

Well, this thin beam of light is a great metaphor for the projections, the hopes and the fears which often dominate our thinking when we worry too much about what the future may bring. These projections will leave out so much that in fact will be really important in creating that future – good or bad. We will just not see these factors – our health, strangers we may meet, job offers, opportunities arising and fading etc. etc. Do you get the picture? And does this bring you comfort? It certainly can.

by Sophia Yasmeen

    Success does not mean achieving high status and posses material objects but to be able to reach a constant stage of contentment by having positive thoughts. This can be sustained through pure actions. Pure actions are like good seeds when planted it produce healthy and sweet fruits. Concern for the quality of my actions today ensures the Success of my tomorrow.

Sophia is a beautiful writer and I am happily sharing her work in my Feelbetter Newsletter.

best wishes

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