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To plan or not to plan
October 29, 2012

I spotted this in a business magazine. Six rules not just for a rewarding career but perhaps also for a life that can work well.

Six Rules for a Rewarding career by Eric Barker in The Adventures of Johnny Bunko

  1. Don’t plan
  2. Thinks strengths not weaknesses
  3. It’s not about you
  4. Persistence trumps talent
  5. Make excellent mistakes
  6. Leave an imprint

Let’s just think about the first right now – Don’t plan. I take this to mean a warning against planning as a response to projections that one might make of the future. That as these will be largely wrong – certainly in terms of what you omit to expect, detailed plans of action are a waste of time – at least the further out you go.

If you are thinking of a family meal you are pretty sure you will be preparing tomorrow, then quite detailed preparation (let’s call it planning) will be quite useful. And if you think that you would like to be a doctor, then it be quite good plan, to get some good science A levels and have some idea of where you might like to learn your doctoring.

But not to go beyond this preparation/focus planning. That I think is right. Because the more you attach to a detailed plan, based on a projection of what you think will make the plan “work”, then the less you will see what actually will be unfolding. You are closed off to what might be there and therefore how best to respond to it.

Being intuitively opportunistic with beginners eyes and trusting yourself will mostly be much better for you. Don't plan, but prepare instead.

best wishes

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