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In praise of Dissatisfaction
September 02, 2013

This is a simple point but the more you ponder it the more profound and exciting it becomes. And it is that dissatisfaction, or feelings of vague unease and discomfort have to be part of all all our lives and it is this, that if it is speaking softly enough to us, can be heard and made something of.

Dissatisfaction arises because we can be never be truly satisfied or content or intoxicated with any one activity – or else we would never wish to move away from it. And then eventually as a species we would cease to prosper or at extreme, exist. It is part of change and movement and what keeps us alive.

So, the next time you are aware of these feelings, stay with them until you are hearing what it is that they might be saying. How you might change something in your response, view or indeed action?

best wishes

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