One of my favourite quotations (you will find it on my website) is this:

    If you just set people in motion they'll heal themselves
    Gabrielle Roth

I like it for a lot of reasons. One, it is about movement but it has a sense of just one small move at a time. I was going to say step, but that is not the right word. We are talking about a flow of movement, such as travelling along a beautifully shock absorbed track. But that is not right either. Is it? Because as you begin to move you don’t really know exactly where you are going and what your route is. But you know that as you move, the direction will open up and that each movement creates the possibility of a bigger movement that is resting on the shoulders of the previous move.

I like it also as a healer. That I am not expected to, nor ever could I hope to see very much more than to be aware of the stuckness and absence of movement of my client. And that perhaps I can push them off in a certain direction, but that is all. They then have the power and the memories and the potential to take over and to just see where they go.

And finally – the quote is about mystery and uncertainty and being happy with that. Because only then can do we grow and really move.

best wishes

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