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The Best comes from Very Little?
March 30, 2015

“Nothing comes of nothing; but the best comes of very little, & the worst of too much.” Matthew Oakshott

Oakshott is a philosopher of a distinctly conservative inclination and here, as I understand him, he is making the case for a certain asceticism and sparseness. I am sympathetic to this thought at least in theory and as it applies to us individually but wonder if we can make sense of his thoughts when we look at our society today?

We can certainly find evidence supporting Oakshott’s insight - that our unprecedented affluence is not making us happier or more fulfilled but much of this evidence (such as the explosion of prescriptions for antidepressants) seems altogether less compelling to me than the evidence on the other side (for example, increased longevity, freedom from violence and crime, falling alcohol and drug taking and so on).

Could it be that we have an abundance of fearful commentary and attention on what is wrong and that this is obscuring us to the truth that lives are not just getting better materially, but in other ways as well?

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by Sophia Yasmeen

    Success does not mean achieving high status and posses material objects but to be able to reach a constant stage of contentment by having positive thoughts. This can be sustained through pure actions. Pure actions are like good seeds, that when planted they produce healthy and sweet fruits. Concern for the quality of my actions today ensures the Success of my tomorrow.

Sophia is a beautiful writer and I will be sharing her work in my Feelbetter Newletter over the coming months. Enjoy.

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