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Here we go, again and again and again
September 30, 2013

Here is another word, this time from Sanskrit that, to the best of my knowledge has no Western word or even an adequate translation. Yet surely, we all know instinctively and intuitively what the word is getting at.

It is Samsara – and even as a write, the spell-check is telling me that the word does not exist.

Samsara is the repeating cycle of our many lives. Ok perhaps the notion of reincarnation is not very western, but the notion of never learning lessons and so repeating our mistakes over and over again – is something that we can all relate to. And so eventually, we can learn lessons and move on. And that the quality of our actions and thoughts determine our lives (karma) – if not the next but certainly the unfolding story of our current life.

I think one of my all time favourite films is Groundhog Day, with Bill Murray. That film understands all about Samsara.

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