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It's not fair
July 30, 2012

Attitudes and instincts will change for us all if we perceive a situation as either Zero sum or Non-Zero sum. And the art and test of healthy individuals and societies is that they are always searching and finding those Non-Zero sum possibilities – by cooperating and joining with others, by establishing good practice and by being thereby in some kind of control.

As a therapist I am always looking for that sense in my clients because from that, they can find new and greater possibilities. A Non-Zero world and mind set has more movement and fluidity and is looking forward rather than the opposite – which is looking for protection and safety.

This is why we are all programmed to be aware whether a situation might be fair or not. We have our fairness antennae on alert at all times as cooperation and fairness go together. We just will not cooperate with others if we perceive that the other (an individual or group or indeed a nation state) is getting more than their fair share or is taking advantage.

Which is why the resort and default position of politicians will always be to feed this powerful ”Its not fair” instinct within us. And it is why we should always be suspicious of these same politicians. Because what is needed is that we quieten down the farness beast within us all, otherwise under stress it may take over.

best wishes

Andrew Richardson
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