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Your own Estimation
August 31, 2015

There are two big truths that we should always be aware of. The first is that everybody else out there is very rarely thinking about us and judging us as much as we might think they are. And if and when they are judging us, they will be seeing us from their very own unique perspective. And we can be sure that it will be very different from ours.

The second truth is that when they are thinking about us and maybe passing some kind of superficial judgment on us and not giving us that much attention, it will be our own estimation of ourselves that will have by far and away the biggest impact on them.

They will not be much concerned about how you look or present or speak or dress. No, they will be looking into a mirror of how you see yourself.

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by Sophia Yasmeen

    There are many causes why people can be violent. One can be violent by nature from childhood. It happens because each person has his or her own inherent tendencies which we in India call (sanskaras).These are coming from previous lives or from the parents' nature. It can also happen that if one has negative experiences in childhood (negligence, lack of love, hard domination, etc.), in adolescence or as a grown-up one can be influenced by one's past experiences and become perverted, which makes him or her aggressive and violent.

    As long as we are in the darkness of ignorance, we don’t have any realisation of divine knowledge (the knowledge of Oneness), but have instead a strong ego. Therefore we always make a distinction between each and every individual name and form. This difference always makes the distinction of superior and inferior, and this kind of distinction always goes on in society. It is because of this that the superior always tries to dominate and exploit the inferior, and this is usually done by violence. The inferior also don’t get any respect or human rights from the superior. It is often seen that lower classes are brutally tortured by socially higher classes, and that makes the lower classes aggressive and violent against the superior classes. We can find this kind of example in the history of the French Revolution. As an individual soul we have endless desires. When one of them is fulfilled we get satisfaction only for a moment. But we have always many, many projections (projects) and therefore we continuously get new desires. In this way we can be more and greedier to get name, fame, riches, power and all these kinds of worldly happiness. On the other hand, if our desire is not fulfilled, we become dissatisfied and become crazy to fulfill our desires. And this makes us aggressive and violent.

Sophia is a beautiful writer and I am happily sharing her work in my Feelbetter Newsletter.

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