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From pride to humility and from envy to equanimity
August 05, 2013

Back to the Enneagram of last week which if you remember is a nine fold personality typing system. Wise and insightful definitely and amongst many other features focuses on the journey’s we must each travel away from our weaknesses and patterns towards enlightenment and wholeness. I am a three and so my journey is from my root sin of deceit towards authenticity. The journey requires us to smash through our root sin to its opposite. I like that idea. Deceit to authenticity – get it?

On either side of the three lies the two and the four and we three make up the heart types – those amongst the nine that focus on the approval of others and whose great fear is abandonment.

And these are the journeys that beacon for 2’s who see themselves as helpers and supporters and so are always looking to do something for others and to keep themselves in the background and 4’s who are see themselves as special and unique and who are driven by the need to avoid ordinariness and so are temperamental and often difficult to live with.

The root sins of the two and four are pride and envy respectively. And so the journey for the two is towards real humility and the acceptance of their need for help and support. And for the four it is that they cultivate equanimity and acceptance from the knowledge that they are in fact complete.

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For those of you who have followed my 12 signs of emotional health, there is a new page on my website that summarises each of the twelve comments - click here. You can also download the pdf file from that page in the right hand column.

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My new Depression Help Blog

This is a plug for my new Depression Help Blog – which I am finding is (a much overused word this) pretty well unique. Yes there are lots of websites/blogs on depression, but they fall into only two main categories. The first is official and semi official and so is peddling the official line that depression is an illness and basically only one of two – antidepressants and CBT - will help. That and loads of the normal listing of depression tips and with meditation and mindfulness as increasingly fashionable. And then there is the depression support community, which often includes sufferers who get relief and help by writing of their personal experiences.

And then there is me. I am optimistic about how depressions can be lifted (based foursquare on the Human Givens and my personal experience as a therapist) but scathing of the “industry” which I see is feeding this apparent depression epidemic. I get the distinct impression already that my blog is not really what people want to read.

So I need help and friends out there who know that my voice is authentic and valid. Do sign up. I think that you will enjoy what I am writing (up to two posts weekly now).

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