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Leaving an imprint – the most challenging of all?
December 03, 2012

Six Rules for a Rewarding career by Eric Barker in The Adventures of Johnny Bunko

  1. Don’t plan
  2. Thinks strengths not weaknesses
  3. It’s not about you
  4. Persistence trumps talent
  5. Make excellent mistakes
  6. Leave an imprint

This rule, Eric’s last, certainly challenges me the most. To begin with, surely we can all find examples of the many who leave their imprint – in every day of our lives. Ideas and laughter, inventions and novelty, the solidity of what we can all rely on than works and what creates wonder and delight. So much reflects the imprint of the many – either acting alone or collectively.

Or those that we have encountered on my journey, in my case, now well over sixty years long. We will all have made an imprint on some of these. But how many will have been inspired, uplifted or transformed?

I am a healer now and yes I do heal quite well at times, so late in my life, there are worthwhile imprints that I can say that I now leave.

But should we see this last sixth rule as a conscious intention or not? The easy answer is to say no. But I wonder if we can be motivated to take action by the intention to leave something that lasts?

best wishes

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