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Opaque and looking in
August 06, 2012

If we look at society today, we can see that it is fracturing into an increasingly Zero sum world. For most of us, our unfairness antennae are on red hot alert.

Yes there is a lot to be angry about. The bankers are taking the flak now and it is easy to why. But before that in our public domain, the red top media and politicians were in the firing line, before attention moved on.

But, it is more than that isn’t it? As the economic and political model of the past 60 years is apparently breaking down as we get older and ever more indebted, we have this sense that wealth, influence and control is being allocated and distributed in opaque and corrupt ways.

And that we are out of the loop on the outside and not seeing much that’s going on in the murky inside.

My advice is that we all chunk down, retreat if you like so to find that part of our lives and consciousness that we can still work in a Non Zero sum way. For in that direction lies sanity and some semblance of control.

best wishes

Andrew Richardson
Feelbetter Counselling East London

94 Malford Grove, London E18 2DQ

Direct Line: 0208 257 0429 Mobile: 07870 104651 Skype: famrichhg

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