I have trained and practised as an economist (as many of you know) before my new career as a therapist. And one of the really attractive ideas that I warmed to in my previous life was the realisation that prices (and therefore) markets, if they were working even half way decently equilibrated demand and supply. They did so by sending out signals that many people and institutions – both on the demand side and supply side would just have to respond to.

This process was automatic and value free. As a participant you had no alternative but to accept the price. There was no one you could complain to. I really liked that idea. And so if as an economy, you go with markets and the signals they send, via the prices that are set, then things will change in the right direction without you even having to know anything of what is going on.

Just like the unconscious operation of a mind/body which can keep us functioning and acting in a balanced way to live a life that works. And stress or anxiety and all those other emotions are the price signals that we need in order to make the necessary changes, in order to stay living that balanced life.

So, what is the source of most mental distress? Well it is when these signals are not moving us back to equilibrium, but further away. Just like unhealthy markets in fact. And economies maybe?

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