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Experiencing it
October 07, 2013

Olivia starts this conversation with a show stopper “One of the surprising things about being human” she says “is that the only way we can really learn about anything is by experiencing it.”

So maybe this week you can just ponder what she is saying here. For that this is a profound truth, is hard to contest. She then goes onto talk of her experience of family and family breakdown and how she learnt the hard way about what was valuable.

And as I ponder for a moment the ways in which I try to influence the clients who come to me – by what I think is a mixture of explanation, misdirection, relaxation and re-remembering, I know that what will really be important for them is what and how they experience the week or so between our meetings. Which is why I look forward to learning about that when they return.

Inspired by Olivia Fane’s “The Conversation no 59” – on step-families

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