From this week, my Feelbetter Newsletter will be weekly (not monthly). You are receiving this on the Tuesday morning as this is the beginning of this working week (yesterday was of course a public holiday in the UK). Mostly from now onwards it will be landing in your in tray on the Monday morning.

Even from where I write this, three days before it is received) I can feel the excitement and anticipation rising.

But maybe I should say a little about what I am about with it.

The general theme is emotional health and understandings around that but I will always interpret this quite broadly. My instinct is always to look towards what empowers us as individuals and in our society and to expose the opposite – that which emasculates and enslaves us.

It will reflect my personal experience and wisdom – as an active Human Givens therapist, in my early 60s now, having worked entirely outside the healing profession until the early part of the century and now disabled and so largely confined to my home.

Finally, you should know that I am writing a book – which is drawing connections between emotional health and the health or otherwise of our poor benighted UK economy. This reflects the two areas of my life where I can claim some expertise. I have no doubt that this newsletter will not be immune from these musings.

best wishes

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