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Where is Virtue?
August 21, 2017

I am reprinting below extracts from an article by Brendan O’Neil. He argues that we have only a puritanical condemnation of what is wrong and bad and not what is good and virtuous for fear of causing offence.

Puritanism is everywhere in public debate. This is an unhealthy preoccupation with vice, to the extent that virtue is not only not promoted but completely ignored. Our society is intensely puritanical, Every single of the dominant ideas of our time is a form of Puritanism: feminism with its fear of women being mistreated, anti-globalisation sees greed everywhere, environmentalism is fixated with ecological damage, PC mentality is a perpetual obsession with people taking offense, anti racism can only see victims in blacks and the NSPCC sees child abuse everywhere. The ubiquitous word "vulnerable" speaks volumes about the vision of people as perpetual victims.

We do need morality, because we recognise there are good ways and bad ways to live our lives and a proper understanding of virtuous actions together with sound moral judgment will lead us to a happier existence. But our society is profoundly immoral, not so much because it acts wrongly but because there is no striving towards the good (we mustn't be judgmental) and so people have little conception of virtue and the little they have is purely ritualistic (charity is nowadays understood as simply giving money). Puritanism does not offer any guide to the good but it's only a means to feelings of pride under the excuse of pity and is therefore wholly immoral.

What do you think?

by Sophia Yasmeen

    A sorrowful heart is like a bird in a cage. It sees the weaknesses of not being able to fly anywhere, so it's mind is obsessed with finding a way out of the cage. It's fed up with the cage where it lives. Even if you give it food to eat, it's still unhappy, because it's fed up with the cage where it is imprisoned.

    When heart sees the weaknesses of inconsistency, stressfulness and not feeling whole, it will try obsessively to think how to escape from that cycle of wondering on.

    The best way to handle this is to focus only on things that are working for us, things that we are not resenting and things that we are grateful for. Once I am happy without the things I want to have and the change I want to make in my life......I will see that , in the right hour things I wanted will start to show up. After all we are our vibrational match.

Sophia is a beautiful writer and I am happily sharing her work in my Feelbetter Newsletter.

best wishes

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