telephone graveyard

Can you think of a better image to convey the universal truth that everything changes and nothing ever stays the same? Surely it was not that long ago when we all used these phone boxes and we saw them as red, reassuring and redolent of continuity. And now just ten years on, they are rusty, redundant and replaceable. (I hope you like the alliteration.)

So what are the right lessons for us as we view the telephone graveyard? Not to hold on too tightly to the past for sure but to perhaps gently mourn and mark the past and its passing. Not always to view the change as necessarily good for us, but always to be open to change and know that it is part of life and cultivate the expectation that change can be made to work for us.

And finally, to learn what the lesson is for us by the change. Because only then can we let it go.

best wishes

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