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Always Changing, Never Progressing
February 06, 2017

This is my thought – that we get away from the honey trap of progress while embracing the inevitability of change. And by doing that, we can truly live in the moment yet also be able to lay down future plans when we have to and observing curiously what happens next. And who knows – we might then agree that some progress has indeed been made.

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by Sophia Yasmeen

    A great mind said " it’s a human need to be told stories. The more we’re governed by idiots and have no control over our destinies, the more we need to tell stories to each other about who we are, why we are, where we come from, and what might be possible."

    This so true. As I learn more about the other person, my mind develop this natural understanding of acceptance. To create this one will have to be in alignment internally with what happens this moment. To be in alignment with this very moment is to be in alignment with eternity. It means to be in a relationship of inner non- resistance with what happens. It means not to label it mentally as good or bad, but to let it be. This does not mean I can no longer take action to bring about change in my life. When the basis for my actions is inner alignment with the present moment, my actions become empowered by the intelligence of Life itself. Only when we are able to create this inner alignment, we can become good listeners and oh my, what great stories we will have to share.

Sophia is a beautiful writer and I am happily sharing her work in my Feelbetter Newsletter.

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