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One Step at a Time
January 16, 2017

When we panic and feel overwhelmed, it is then that we shift into black and white thinking. And of course if we spend our lives overwhelmed, then black and white thinking can become a constant. And so we forget the wisdom and truth of the one step at a time.

This is not to say that events can unfold which are clearly very big steps - that can lead to a complete change of direction. But these events are very rare and unpredictable – both ahead of them and as the consequences then unfold.

So we should all be encouraged by the truth that life is about small steps, one at a time. And if we take a number of small steps in the right direction, then very soon we will find that we have travelled a long way. And that can be a very calming and settling thought.

by Sophia Yasmeen

    I enjoy life and have always been curious about death. What is death? We don't know. We can't know ahead of time. Can we be there for it and find out what this great mystery of birth and death is? Young American actor Justin Baldani said "we believe that birth and death are very similar and that we're here on this Earth to develop all of the things we can't see."

    I received an email three weeks ago from the breast cancer unit inviting me to give a speech on welfare benefits to a group of women who are suffering from secondary breast cancer and living with terminal conditions.

    Today I went to visit the unit with a colleague. While driving I noticed a subtle feeling of numbness whispering through my mind which I could not remove. As I stepped inside the meeting room I was surprised to see a group of lively women sitting around a big table waiting for me. There was no trace of slightest sadness in any of them. They were laughing, joking, and drinking coffee as if everything was ok. I looked at them and thought is it me trying to make something big out of nothing or is it them pretending that everything is normal when it is far from it. I met a remarkable woman her name was Sarah, she told me that she has six months. I said to her, "Well, Sarah, this means you're going to find out of the great mystery before I do." She threw her arms around my neck and said, "Sophia dear, It's all about love and joy!"

    While driving back I asked myself ; are my actions truly kind, honest and to benefit beings? Are my actions generous? Am I an insecure constant attention seeker? How am I living this life? And so I thank you, Sarah, for that teaching. It's all about love and joy. Can we allow that as a possibility in our heart as we study this great mystery? I wonder and imagine whether I could say such a thing if I was given six months to live. That love and joy are really right here and available for all of us if we will open up to them.

Sophia is a beautiful writer and I am happily sharing her work in my Feelbetter Newsletter.

best wishes

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