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Thinking about it!
June 05, 2017

Let me begin again with Mahatma Gandhi

Your beliefs become your thought
Your thoughts become your words
Your words become your actions
Your actions become your habits
Your habits become your values
Your values become your destiny
Mahatma Ghandhi


Why are our thoughts given such a star billing? Our thoughts surely follow on right at the end of the process when we are rationalising what we have done or said. Think about it.

More next week.

by Sophia Yasmeen

    My apartment is right next to a dual carriageway, the A12. It is not a high street but an A road where noise of trucks and cars are constant, day and night. Bright lights and noise that is what I experience during my time at home. When I have a staying guest, whose heart lacks resilience would be especially bothered by this and often will ask me how can I cope with all that? But for me it is completely the opposite. I explain to them, why should I waste my time being bothered about something that is not under my control. It's the nature of light to be bright. It's the nature of noise to be loud. I simply don't focus on listening and that's where it ends. I don't act in a way that is in opposition to my surroundings, instead I simply reach an understanding with them and create the right impulse-momentums and have them going .....I have a choice: I can either sit and listen to a cacophony of road noise or I can ignore them and simply amble through my golden inner temple, for true Silence and the golden beauty of it emerges from only within.

    Wishing you all a peaceful day.

Sophia is a beautiful writer and I am happily sharing her work in my Feelbetter Newsletter.

best wishes

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