”People who are willing to exchange freedom for security deserve neither and will lose both”

Benjamin Franklin

ben franklin

Choosing to be free does not of course mean always demanding that what we want or need has to take priority over others. To go down that road is the road to childish and aggressive behaviour individually and politically will eventually lead to fascism and Nazism. Healthy individuals and societies will find themselves co-operating and joining together and constraining their individualism and natural selfishness if it damages others and weakens our instincts to co-operate and care within our communities.

No, it is all a question of subtle intention and motivation. So, on a grand political level, we see what is happen in the Euro zone, and pointedly to Greece and Italy. Are these countries voluntarily relinquishing self determination or is it a desperate attempt to find some security within the Euro club at the expense of their freedom to find their own path back to a degree of economic security? Well I’m pretty sure what my answer to that is.

And as the crisis unfolds, let us see just how much pressure of the fear of an unknown future is applied to all of us - to exchange political freedom for the promise of economic security. If that is how it is and we bow to it, then surely Benjamin Franklin will have been shown to be right. We will lose both freedom and economic security and actually deserve neither.

My not so subtle point is that what is being played out on our TV screens as a real time (Truman show?) soap opera – trading security for freedom and the pressure from fear to do so – also plays out in our everyday life. For, what are addictive behaviours and impulses other than an unconscious trade of freedom for the promise of a temporary security?

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