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The Fourth Industrial Revolution
September 04, 2017

We are entering what is generally known as the fourth industrial revolution.

The first industrial revolution used water and steam and was associated with the beginnings of mechanisation in industries such as textiles.

The second industrial revolution was associated with electricity and mass production of automobiles, radios and less sophisticated consumer products.

The third industrial revolution started in the latter part of the 20th century and involved the beginnings of the digital age.

The fourth industrial revolution is essentially the mass exploitation of digital technology into robotics - such things as self driving cars, 3D printing and bioengineering.

We could be facing an employment dumbbell curve – with middle level jobs (drivers, managers, diagnosticians, teachers, accountants and so on) being replaced by machines, while the poor service the rich at low wages.

What will provide meaning for most of us if we cannot undertake work of value? It is that which will be the great challenge.

by Sophia Yasmeen

    I always found that there are two ways of contemplating, the blind way and the meditative or problem solving way. A blind person will ask what is the sky like? Blue; what is blue like? Ocean; what is ocean like? Vast; what is vast like? This will never end because the blind don't know the truth so his way of contemplating will only cause stress, confusion and conflict.

    While in meditation one keep track of thoughts, their sensitivity. All our thoughts are affair of mental fabrications. Anything fabricated is short lived, now wanting this and now wanting that. Meditation will stop us from running along with them and these thoughts will end on their own.

    On a time like this when the world is descending into chaos, nations are shaken and horrified, we only need to use words that are pacifying, words that will restore our peace our faith and courage. Any post that creates tension or arguments simply avoid them. High conflict people are prone to create words that are conflicting, full of blame, and anger. Notice whenever there is an incident, these high conflict people will only post something that is aggravating to five senses. Sit in silence and know the truth. The art of truth is that it never hold grudges, it always lets go....

Sophia is a beautiful writer and I am happily sharing her work in my Feelbetter Newsletter. Read her new blog here

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