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Did Curiosity kill the Cat?
September 09, 2017

This is one of the most misleading and unhelpful proverbs around. Curiosity did not kill the cat – it kept him/her creative and growing and healthy. And it will do the same for us. Being curious is the essential exercise for our mind.

So what might excite your curiosity today – an image, an idea, a piece of information, a person?

by Sophia Yasmeen

    "Touch comes before sight, before speech"

    After having a really hectic morning at work yesterday, I decided to go out for lunch, just for a change of scenery. At a local vegetarian restaurant, while I was sitting at my table and waiting, a bright young boy, in his teens walked in with a middle aged female. I noticed that he was holding her hand. The waiter at the door introduced them to a table that was right next to mine. As I was checking messages on my cell phone, suddenly there was a loud noise. I looked up and saw a metal jug lying on the floor and water was running everywhere. I will never forget the look on that young boy’s face. He was so fearful and constantly apologising to everyone for dropping the jug. Tears in his eyes made me realise that he had some kind of special need and that is why probably his mother was holding his hand. I didn’t even know when I took myself over to his table, sat next to him, put my arm around his neck and said, “don’t worry beta (son) everything is fine, you are a very good boy.” As soon as I touched his shoulder he stopped crying and smiled.

    I knew that human touch can reduce pain to some extent but until I learned Ayuvedic Massage Therapy, I did not know the depth of its power, how it can help to keep ones body and mind working at optimal levels. Besides feeling great it can also cure diseases. I have been giving massage to friends and family, and what I have experienced so far, no words can express.

    For me, massaging someone is Yoga and connecting to my higher-self through giving love and care to others. I always begin with little meditation and setting an intention of well-being for my client and in aiming to release their stress I also release my own.

    I spent last weekend at my cousins. I have two beautiful nieces; one of them is a professional film maker who I rarely get to see. This time fortunately she was at home and it was so nice for me to spend some time with this beautiful, energetic young lady who is full of passion and creativity. I have noticed that she mentioned several times that she feels over worked and stressed. She accepted an offer from me of a whole body relaxing massage. The time that I spent with her in that calm room, inducing a state of tranquillity and healing is almost as beneficial for me as it was for her. All of the stress of my journey to get to that place melted away as I start to soothe out the tension of my niece under my hands.

Sophia is a beautiful writer and I am happily sharing her work in my Feelbetter Newsletter. Read her new blog here

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