We all remember the yellow brick road – and Dorothy joined by the Tim man, Scarecrow and the Cowardly Lion. And all travelled along that road and by the end they had learnt something that they needed to learn. You could say that by the end of that road, they could look back on the journey they had made and see their progress.

tallow brick

They could tell themselves a story of their lives that perhaps goes way back, even before they met Dorothy. And surely this story would have movement and progression where even the bad things that happened to them (that perhaps originally persuaded them that they had no heart or head or were a coward) was in fact explicable in terms the lessons that had learned which had taken them to that yellow brick road and the meeting with Dorothy.

So here is the insight that I learnt from this Time Line website.

It is that for most of us, our past burdens and negative memories can best be lifted when the event is re-experienced in such a way that the lesson of the event is understood. That we can smooth out the time line or yellow brick road so that every obstacle is cleared because we understand why is was put there in the first place.

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