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Wellbeing Workshops this Autumn by Andrew Richardson
September 03, 2013

I will be running Wellbeing Workshop modules this autumn.


My idea is for three modules – half a day each, at my house on successive Sundays – beginning on 22nd September and if the demand is there, repeating every month until Christmas and indeed next year.

The focus is building resilience. The first module concentrates on what you need to know, the second on how to heal your emotional resources and the final module on moving towards a life that works better for you.

The detail of the workshop is here on my website. My inspiration is the human givens approach, moderated by my experience with my clients and any wisdom I may have acquired over the years.

I believe the Workshop will appeal to those who:

  • Want to understand and overcome their periodic anxieties, depression feelings and addictive and compulsive behaviours – and all of us have these from time to time
  • Know that to find greater peace, resilience and emotional control is a great and worthwhile prize
  • Are curious about the new psychology of happiness

Each module will be £60 or £150 for all three. Each will be for half a day, beginning on Sunday 22nd September and with a light lunch and refreshments provided. My website here has more detail and a form to book.

I look forward to hearing from any who might be interested or those you know who might also be interested.

best wishes

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