CBT is not the answer for Depression
Audio 5 of the “What makes Good Counselling” Podcasts

The dominance of CBT within the NHS is in itself a reason to be cautious about it.  This caution is fully justified when you give attention to the principles by which it is said to work.

Listen to this Fifth Audio of the “What makes Good Counselling” series and you can also read the accompanying blog post.

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Why is CBT not the answer? It is because it is based on false and inadequate understanding of how the brain works. So we know that emotions come before thoughts. It is obviously true for a powerful trauma which is normally driven by an overwhelming emotion of fear.  That clearly comes ahead of a thought such as “shit this is dangerous, maybe I should run away” But it applies to much subtler emotions as well – of feelings of unease, of anticipation or confusion. 

So if this is the case, why would you take CBT seriously?  CBT is not the answer because it is about challenging thoughts.  It is about changing how you think.  It is about breaking down complex thoughts and behaviours that are keeping you stuck.  It is about facing up to clearly unhelpful black and white thoughts such as –  “I am stupid and people hate me” and “I cannot do anything about this and for the rest of my life, I am doomed” and so on.

But feelings come first.  Especially feelings of exhaustion and the terror of not knowing why you are feeling so bad and depressed because you have no idea why you are lost in a vicious circle of tiredness and useless rumination.

In these circumstances and knowing that, why would you think for minute that someone trained in CBT would have any idea at all what to do for you?  Well maybe a tiny bit – but be no more useful than a peashooter attempting to down an elephant.

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Read my Depression Help Blog post: CBT is not the answer for Depression

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