Sleep differences : Depression and Anxieties
Audio 13 of the “What is Depression” Podcasts

Good sleep is vital for emotional health.  But I have found that it is more than that. Sleep differences between depression and anxiety sufferers reveal a lot.

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Regular readers of this blog will know of the critical role that sleeping plays in causing and maintaining depression. Depression sufferers will normally go to sleep quite quickly, being exhausted and ready for sleep and may indeed sleep uninterrupted through the night, but this sleep will not refresh them.

The contrast with anxiety sufferers is clear. The problem will not be the exhaustion in the morning – indeed those with anxiety can sometimes wake up reasonably refreshed.  No, anxiety means that you cannot quickly get off to sleep. You head is racing with useless “what if” thoughts and projections and so on – all going round and round, like a hamster on a wheel. And so sleep will be delayed and often interrupted and intermittent and rarely restful.

Depending on their sleep experiences, I will have a clear pointer as to how I will help my clients. For depressions it is about reducing arousal and rumination, to improve sleep and for anxieties it is about dealing with the trauma (that will invariably be there) and then helping to change their relationship with the anxiety.

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