How Depression takes hold
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As a Depression Optimist, one of my tasks is to work ceaselessly to take away the terrible fear that depression induces – a fear borne out of ignorance and a fear that is unjustified if you know what a depression is and how it takes hold.

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How then does depression take hold – according to the Human Givens approach and as I have experienced it from the many that have come to me seriously depressed and out of hope?  It is all about useless worrying as depression is a brain that is absolutely exhausted, by worrying incessantly and without any result or resolution.

Here are the three steps on the road to Depression taking hold:

  1. We begin on the road by worrying unproductively.
  2. And then, the useless worrying persists and indeed can get worse as our life begins to unravel.
  3. And then we dream too much which is exhausting.

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