Dreaming explained and its role in Depression
Audio 4 of “What is Depression” Podcasts

The Human Givens hypothesis of what dreaming is for and why it plays such an essential role in supporting healthy emotions is the one clearly original contribution by Human Givens (notably Joe Griffin) to modern psychological understanding and from this to the understanding of what depression is all about. And if you take time to understand this dreaming theory, then you will understand what causes most depressions I promise you.

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Griffin called his dreaming theory the expectation fulfilment theory of dreams.

  • Dreams are metaphorical translations of waking expectations
  • Expectations which cause emotional arousal that is not acted upon during the day are the basis of dreams during sleep that night
  • Dreaming then deactivates that emotional arousal by completing the expectation pattern metaphorically, freeing the brain to respond afresh to each new day

And dreams can explains depression.

Human Givens postulates that depression is a response to excessive ruminations and arousals, caused by a life which is not working. This then requires a large amount of REM dreaming while sleeping in an attempt to deactivate these arousals. But dreaming takes a lot of energy and the brain becomes too exhausted to complete the required dreaming and so the person wakes up in a state of exhaustion and de-motivation. A downward spiral begins – of worry, exhausting sleep, de-motivation and a growing incapacity to act effectively to get the initial problem solved and so get needs better met.

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